Thursday, October 21, 2010

Advertisement ethics and code of medical standards of Indian Newspaper Society

The following advertisement ethics and code of medical standards have been approved by the Indian Newspaper Society for members' guidance:
  • Society members shall not favour direct advertisers by giving them better facilities such as lower rates, longer credit periods, preferential positions, commissions, discounts and supplying artwork at nominal rates.
  • Member Papers shall not give commissions, or any form of rebate to any direct advertiser. Any advertising agency not accredited or a canvasser may be allowed commission not exceeding 10 per cent.
  • Member papers shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure that all advertisements accepted by them is legal, clean, honest and truthful and that such advertisement is in respect of reputable goods or service.
  • The society, through its members, undertakes to use all possible measures to develop the qualitative and quantitative factors of their publications so as to render the best possible service to the public and to advertisers.
  • Member publications shall strictly observe the rules passed by the Society from time to time and published in the Society's Hand Book in respect of all advertising agencies accredited by the Society.
  • No advertisement will be accepted by the newspapers represented in the Indian Newspaper Society which contains matters:
    1. Claiming to procure the miscarriage of women, birth control except contraceptives or measures approved by law and by recognized authorities, ore regulation of menses,
    2. dealing with the treatment of habits associated with sexual indulgence or of any ailment associated with such habits,
    3. using any of cloudy discharge, sexual disability, sexual virility, impotence, night losses, excreta, loss of manhood, wet dreams, rejuvenation expressions and any other words which offend good taste,
    4. recommending the treatment of any ailment by omulets, talismans or other means of a similar nature.
  • No advertisement will be inserted containing a testimonial other than one limited to the actual views of the writer, nor any testimonial given by a doctor other than a recognized Indian Medical Practitioner unless it is manifest that the writer is not a Doctor of Medicine.
  • No advertisement will be accepted containing claims or illustrations which are distorted or exaggerated in such a manner as to convey false impressions or containing statements of a 'knocking' or extravagant nature.
  • No advertisement will be accepted which in any way may lead persons to believe that the product recommended emanates from any hospital or official source, or is other than a proprietary medicine advertised by a particular manufacturer for the purpose specified, unless the advertisement agent submitting the copy declares that the authority of such hospital or official source had been duly obtained.
  • No advertisement will be accepted by the newspapers represented in the Indian Newspaper Society which offends the provisions of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act 1954, The Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Acts 1950, The Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Acts of various states, The Prize Competitions Act 1955, The Prohibition Acts of various states, Reserve Bank of India Rules and Regulations, The Lotteries (Control & Tax) and Prize Competitions (Tax) Act applicable to various states and/or any other relevant Acts that are in force.


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