Friday, October 15, 2010

Advertising agency service standards

Advertising agencies shall observe the following standards. Advertising agency service consists of interpreting to the public the advantages of a product or service which is based upon:
  • A study of the product or service in order to determine the advantages and disadvantages inherent in the product itself and in its relation to competition.
  • An analysis of the present and potential market for which the product or service is adapted.
  • A knowledge of the factors of distribution and sales and their method of operation.
  • A practical knowledge of all the available media which can profitably be used to carry the interpretation of the product or service to the main parts of the products.
  • Ability to formulate a definite plan of campaign on the basis of the study, analysis and knowledge.
  • Ability and facilities to execute this plan by:
    1. writing, translating, designing, illustrating advertisements or other appropriate forms of the message.
    2. contracting for space or other means of advertising.
    3. preparing a message in mechanical form and forwarding it with proper instructions for the fulfillment of the contract.
    4. checking and verifying all insertions, display or other means used.
    5. checking, invoicing and paying for the service space and preparation.
  • The above outline is illustrative and not definite of what agency service is, so that applicants shall know what is expected of them by the Society when dealing with applications for accreditation.
  • Advertising agencies shall adhere strictly to the Society's Code of Advertisement Ethics and Standards.

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